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Known for extremely friendly people and good food, less touristic, a fresh climate and more green, with several good spots to surf. A big diversity of waves which are very consistent, too. Some urban beaches, but also long, almost empty, sandy beaches. Here you will find several urban beaches and the world surfing reserve of Ericeira, probably the area with more spots to surf in less kilometres of whole Portugal and also Peniche and Carcavelos - stage of the world surf tour events. These places are considered by many to be the surf mecca in Portugal. More drier and warmer area of our country is well known for the amazing bays, less crowded long beaches and warmer water with perfect waves. The place that you should want to be in the summer. Here you will find waves to surf at any time of the year for sure.
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Surfari Peniche
Let us help you create the surf trip that suits you! Your wish is our command! Tell us what YOU want, then prepare to be shown the best of Portugal by those who know, the locals! You are planning a special and funny weekend with your friends?! If you are a surfer or just someone that enjoy the sea, we have a good plan for that weekend! Come with us and enjoy a surf weekend in Peniche or Vila Nova de Milfontes, guarantee that you will have these days as good memories! You want to go to Peniche to surf? Join us and we will take you in a surfari of 1 day to Peniche!
From 50€ we will get you in the surf camp, hotel or at a location to be determined for you to come with us surf in the best spot of the day in Peniche.
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